Name: Lesya
Age: 30 years old
Languages: English, Ukrainian, Russian
Years in translation: 8 years
Education: Lviv National University named after Ivan Franko

General, legal, medical, economic, technical, artistic translations.



6 years in woodworking industry (management of logistic issues and foreign economic activity / technical translation, interpreting).

Broad experience in translations for Microsoft, Xerox, Cisco, Garmin, LG, Philips, SONY, Samsung, Motorola, IBM, Nestle.


Interpreting at the International Competition of Ball-Room Dancing in Truskavets.

Interpreting at the International Summit of Presidents in Lviv.

Translation of Bram Stocker's Dracula (published in September 2002).

Artistic translations in Lviv Publishing House "Panorama".

State Construction Norms of Ukraine. For Lviv Railway.

Human and Animal Health Containment Laboratory. The Kyrgyz Republic.

Towers Perrin-ISR. JTI Employee Opinion Survey 2009.

Garmin website /legal documentation/.