Director of Global Linguist Services LLC
Name: Dennis Schedrivy
Age: 35
Languages: English, Russian and Ukrainian
Years in translation: 15
Education: Kharkov State University
Bio: Started working as a translator way back in the student years. After graduating from the university I held a number of managerial and in-house translator positions in various companies: steel and commodities traders, financial service providers, legal, financial and accounting consultants. I also spent quite a bit of time working in my employer's offices in the UAE, Hong Kong and London. This work, apart from improving my language and communication skills, greatly contributed to gaining the knowledge and understanding of many subjects and technical aspects of my employer's businesses, which in turn made me more proficient in handling translation projects. Became a full-time freelancer in 2002. Amounts of work started gradually increasing, and I began forming my translation team in 2004 already. I should say, that I never sacrificed quality for the sake of quantity, and that is why it would be correct to say, that my team is "hand-picked" - a team of professionals, who know how to do a proper job. GLS formation in April 2009 was the logical result of our joint hard work through all these years. I hope that our linguistic skills and expertise will contribute to success of your business

OJSC TANECO Refining and Petrochemical Complex

Human and Animal Health Containment Laboratory (Kyrgyzstan)

Karachaganak, Kazakhstan

Kashagan, Kazakhstan

Caratube Oilfield Development

Vankor Oilfield Development

New Holland agricultural equipment manuals translation

Tajik Aluminum Plant related court proceedings in the UK

Sakhalin I

Sakhalin II. Construction of Oil Export Terminal and LPG Plant in Sakhalin

Kazan Bisphenol Plant

Yaroslavl Oil Refinery Modernization

Baku Oil Refinery Modernization

INOGATE (Interstate Oil and Gas Transport to Europe) Project

Training Course for Pilots, Engineers and Maintenance Personnel for AN-140 aircraft (for the Ministry of Civil Aviation of Egypt)

Modernization and repair of T-80UD main battle tank for the Ministry of Defense of Pakistan