Name: Aleksandr
Age: 31
Languages: English, Russian and Ukrainian
Years in translation: 11
Education: Kharkov State University,
Department of Foreign Languages
Subjects: aviation, armoured vehicles, construction, court proceedings, pharmaceutics, medicine, contracts, software development, business&investment

08.2007 - till the present time. Manager/Deputy Head of Overseas Department. Company "Spezstroy".

09.2006 - 05.2007. English translator/interpreter. Egyptian Air Force Base 'Almaza', Cairo, Egypt.

09.2005 - 07.2006. English/French translator/interpreter/co-ordination manager. 'Skorpion-RP' Ltd.,    Construction Company. Industrial and civil construction.

12.2003 - 07.2005. English/French translator/interpreter. 'GSE-Ukraine', 100% Foreign Investment Company. General Contractor. Construction of a new tobacco-processing plant for JSC 'Philip Morris Ukraine'.

07.2002 - 12.2003. English translator/interpreter. Representative Office of Iranian Aircraft Manufacturing Company "HESA" at Kharkov Aircraft Manufacturing Company.

08.2000 - 05.2002. English translator. 'Telkos' Software Development Company.

07.2001 - 09.2001. English translator/interpreter. Kharkov Tank Repair Plant. (Military Unit A-1569).

09.2000 - 06.2001. English translator/interpreter. Kharkov Regional Business Assistance Center.

09.1997 - 10.1998. English translator. Kharkov Aviation Institute.

Projects: TANECO, Sakhalin I, Human and Animal Health Containment Laboratory, Chevron Pipeline, Cocconut Philips