One of our main working approaches is to provide the translation in the format, which the customer requires it in. Basing on our really huge working experience we know, that often despite seeming similarity of projects different customers may have different requirements relating to terminology and the way (format) the translation has to be performed. We are always basing our work on what the customer specifically needs, and we perfectly understand how important glossaries, translation memories and reference materials are. The service we provide may range from simple translation of the text to managing the complete project and submitting a finished product to the customer. Please see the list and description of our services below for more details.

Such large-scale projects as Sakhalin I and II (Russia), OJSC TANECO Petrochemical and Refining Complex (Russia), Vankor Oilfield Development (Russia), Kashagan (Kazakhstan), Karachaganak (Kazakhstan), Caratube (Kazakhstan) speak for themselves. Oil and Gas are among the main subjects we specialize in. We have literally translated millions of words in this field often getting very positive client feedback. This includes full range of disciplines related to oil and gas projects - starting from the process equipment, and finishing with construction, geological, safety and environmental documents.

Another considerable share of our business. First of all we ensure ABSOLUTE CONFIDENTIALITY OF THE INFORMATION understanding the sensitivity of the issues, such documents may relate to. Thousands of pages have been translated for large-scale court proceedings in the UK and the US, which often mentioned widely known persons or big companies. These included legal opinions, cases analyses, affidavits, witness statements, injunctions, judgments and other court-related documents. Due to the nature of the court proceedings, many of such documents had to be translated within very tight deadlines, and this is where GLS proved its real ability of doing a good job quickly. Legal translation experience also includes translation of EU documents for European Economic and Social Committee, translation of Ukrainian and Russian laws and legal acts, company registration and statutory documents, various small documents, such as powers of attorney, birth/marriage certificates and etc. Our company is also a sole vendor to one of Ukraine’s leading legal, financial consultants and auditors – Consulting Group Prudens, who are members of BDO

Being the sole translation service provider to one of Ukraine’s leading legal, financial consultants and auditors – Consulting Group Prudens – we have certainly dealt with a lot of various financial and accounting documents, such as financial statements, balance sheets, various financial reports, analyses and opinions. We have experience in translating accounting documents issued both in accordance with Ukrainian (Russian) and international standards.

This part of our work should be mentioned separately because apart from being a technical translation drawings are quite a special field of translation, which requires knowledge and understanding of CAD software. We have translated thousands of Autocad and Microstation drawings, which always received very positive feedback from the our customers. We do the translation in full compliance with the customer requirements – single or double language translation, assigning the text to appropriate layers, accordingly formatting the translation to avoid overlapping or messy text, and etc. – ensuring the top quality of the final product, which, together with the flexible pricing policy, makes it very attractive for our customers.

We have translated hundreds of commercial contracts, share purchase agreements and business plans (this includes business plans and cost estimates for several large construction projects in Moscow – such as construction of large malls or residential estates at Rublevka – which involved foreign investments). We also did quite a lot of work translating business presentations, promotion materials and personnel training and policy documents for Western Union and Johnson & Johnson.

Besides oil and gas we have done a lot of translation projects in other technical fields, such as construction, safety, environment, HSE, equipment manuals, method statements, specifications, datasheets, testing reports, welding procedure specifications, and etc.

We have translated about 200 000 words for New Holland – one of the leading producers of agricultural machinery. Translation included user and technical maintenance manuals, description of the machinery electronic and mechanical systems and harvester attachments.

Use of CAT (computer-aided translation) tools is an integral part of today’s translation industry. Such tools are especially important for large-scale and ongoing projects for speeding up the work and ensuring the translation consistency. GLS has considerable experience of using Trados, TagEditor, SDLX and Wordfast. If required, we are open to use any other CAT software, which suits the customer requirements.

Often, the actual translation of the text is just a part of the product, which the customer requires. In order to provide a one-stop-shop service we are also offering desktop publishing services, which will transform the translated text into a finished product ready for publishing or printing – a booklet, illustrated manual, advertisement card, label and etc.

In order to ensure full customer satisfaction, all our work undergoes appropriate quality control procedures. All translations are proofread. In appropriate cases they are shown to native speakers and the experts in the discipline, such translation relates to. Any camera-ready copies undergo post-DTP review in order to avoid possible errors. At the moment we are considering to certify our quality control procedures in accordance with ISO standard requirements.